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Give each engineer their own staging.

Eliminate the staging bottleneck with open-source production-like development environments for any stack.

The setup.

Install the CLI
go install layerform
Configure your layers.
vim layerform.json
Get an environment.
layerform spawn my_layer my_id
resource "aws_s3_bucket" "a" {
  bucket = "layerform-bucket"

resource "aws_instance" "b" {
  ami =
  instance_type = "t3.micro"

Support for all stacks.

Layerform can create all types of infrastructure, including pods, containers, and serverless components.

Reuse core-pieces of infrastructure.

Layerform breaks your Terraform files into composable layers that you can reuse and combine to create flexible development environments.

    "name": "base_example",
    "files": ["layers/base/**"]
    "name": "your_top_layer",
    "files": ["layers/example/**"],
    "dependencies": ["base_example"]

Built for engineers.

Ergomake's Layerform is open-source and built on top of well-known standards.


Layerform is open-source and licensed under GPLv3.

Built on top of well-known standards.

Layerform supports any stack by using Terraform files.

Configuration as code.

Layerform's configuration is repeatable and version-controlled.

Loved by managers.

Get your own staging environment which looks and behaves exactly like production.

Eliminate the staging bottleneck.

No more waiting for your turn to test code in a production-like environment.

Permissions? You've got it.

You'll never have to ask an SRE for a cloud environment again.

Test with confidence.

Environments created with Ergomake's layerform behave exactly like production.


Frequently asked questions.

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Staging environments for each pull request.